Blood Brothers – A Review

What a treat it was to be invited to the multi award winning, Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

We’ve all taken part in an adaptation during GCSE drama, we’ve all heard the songs but seeing the performance first hand was an incredible opportunity.

The harrowing tale of twins; born together and raised apart. One a life of squalor and the other a life of luxury. Edward Lyons and Mickey Johnstone, best friends and brothers, unbeknownst to the pair as their paths are forever crossed.

It’s hard not to see why the multi award winning play has ran successfully on the London’s West End for so long. My partner had seen it three times previously but this was my first time. Incredible performances all round with a well deserved standing ovation.

You resonated with Lyn Paul’s Mrs Johnstone, you wanted to shake some sense into Mrs Lyons and the mother in me wanted to wrap Mickey and Eddie up. It’s a sorry story of love, friendship, family, heartache and betrayal buy you leave with a sense of relief.

The show is on in Birmingham until the 12th and traveling around the UK. Be sure to check the spectacular show for yourself – buy tickets here

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