Stay at home Mum

If anyone asks I either say I’m still on maternity leave or that I’m a stay at home Mum. I was completing a form recently and the option Homemaker was there. Is that what I am? Technically yes. I make home. I raise my son. It’s a lot nicer word than unemployed but that’s what I am. I handed my notice in during maternity leave with the naivety/hope (delete as appropriate) of finding a new role before May. What’s that, August already? Damn, that

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Dudley Zoo

It’s hard knowing who your child will grow up to be but one quality I’d love Quinn to have, would be my love for the outdoors and nature. I love the woods, I love farms, zoos and nature reserves. And I’m lucky that Quinn does too. I will be writing a series of trips and days out around Birmingham and the Midlands, suitable for families with small children, first on the list is a trip we took to Dudley Zoological Gardens This is actually

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More than Mumdays

Labour doesn’t only result in the birth of a baby, but of a mother‘ is a quote that’s stuck with me since I was pregnant. I remember reading it and saving it, along with many others. I’m partial to a good quote! And how true that quote was. It’s hard to look back now and imagine a life without this wonderful Mum tag and spending my days with my little sidekick. Trips Sam and I took as a couple and spa days I’d go on

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Writer’s Block

Oh, look at that – a blog post on not being able to write a blog post, how original Bec. See, when I blogged many moons ago I did it as and when I wanted, I didn’t have an Instagram (not even sure Instagram was a thing, and yes I am that old). I would watch something on TV that inspired me, people watch, listen to something ect but now I’m one of those Mummy Blogger types I have days where I believe I

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Nine Months of Lovin’

It’s bizarre to think of a life without Quinn. I know that for 28 years I had a life as Rebecca, but now it feels like I’ve been Mummy forever. As Quinn turns nine months old I thought I’d write a post on how he is, moments he’s made me proud and just an excuse to write since it’s been so long! My lovely friend Chloe Woodcock has built this blog for me so now I have a domain and hopefully improve my blogging

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