Dudley Zoo

It’s hard knowing who your child will grow up to be but one quality I’d love Quinn to have, would be my love for the outdoors and nature. I love the woods, I love farms, zoos and nature reserves. And I’m lucky that Quinn does too.

I will be writing a series of trips and days out around Birmingham and the Midlands, suitable for families with small children, first on the list is a trip we took to Dudley Zoological Gardens

This is actually the second time we’ve been, the first time was for father’s day and we had a phone free day. I know, shocking right. Today however we had fun meeting and snapping away at the furry residents.

The walk around the zoo is steep, but it’s worth the walk. If your feet are tired or your little ones get tired there is an option of a train ride to travel in style or a chair lift to travel like a daredevil (age and height restrictions apply). One your way around you will see some of the world’s most gorgeous animals including Tigers, Giraffes, Owls and Baboons. My favourites, as always, were the Giraffes who came even over to say hello!

The castle ruins make the walk even more worth it but I’m a history buff with a penchant for castle ruins so I would say that, but check it out for yourself. The castle has film nights available for those baby free nights, something I’ve always wanted to go to and haven’t yet. Absolutely gutted I missed tonight’s showing of Beetlejuice, my all time favourite!

Even though it was during the summer holidays, there was enough room for all families to enjoy the park. Some enclosures need a little patience if big groups are around, like the Tiger Enclosure where we all got to see the beauty close up.

Ticket prices are £15.20 for adults, FREE for under 3’s and a selection of family tickets depending on child amount, ranging from £30.50. – £52.50

All in all it was a lovely day out, definitely one to visit again and one to recommend to fellow Midlands Mummies.

Have you been to visit yet? What was your favourite part?

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