Please stop chewing your fists

It can be both sad and amazing watching your baby grow and develop. I don’t feel sad that he isn’t small anymore (was he ever?) I’m just sad that he’ll no longer do certain things for the first time. His first smile after I changed him, his first laugh as I spoke to him in a cockney accent for no reason at all or most recently holding and shaking a rattle.

Quinn is chewing pretty much e v e r y t h i n g at the moment and he is dribbling like no tomorrow so been advised teething is on it’s merry way. It’s hard to find suitable teething products that work for your child. Before he started showing signs I wanted to try various products to find what worked, necklaces, ring, Sophie ect. I recently teamed with the lovely Vic at @littlegnashers and her design your own teething necklace. Her products are BPA Silcone-free and made with organic wood. She offers variety of colours and shapes (and bangles!) so that your necklace can compliment your own style. Quinn’s other habit is grabbing my hair and this necklace prevents that. He now reaches up for a suckle which is so much better than grabbing my baby hairs.

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