More than Mumdays

Labour doesn’t only result in the birth of a baby, but of a mother‘ is a quote that’s stuck with me since I was pregnant. I remember reading it and saving it, along with many others. I’m partial to a good quote! And how true that quote was. 
It’s hard to look back now and imagine a life without this wonderful Mum tag and spending my days with my little sidekick. Trips Sam and I took as a couple and spa days I’d go on just because I could. Which got me thinking about my #morethanmummondays series and how important it is to make time for Rebecca with yj hope of encouraging mother’s to do the same. 
I reached out to Regis UK with this idea of self care to see whether they’d love to take part. I was very kindly offered a cut and colour treatment in their Birmingham salon and had my dry locks tamed by the lovely Catherine.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a latte while Catherine spoke through the process, my expectations and how we can achieve the look I wanted. We took photos of the before (hello back of head) and started the transformation.

First of many complimentary lattes

After a quick trim, the balyage process began. It was my first experience having my hair coloured in a salon, I’ve never braved it before and I should’ve gone sooner!

The salon was clean, the team were very attentive and chatty and the old school 00’s R&B playlist was fab. Pamper and a bit of Usher – yes please. My coffee was kept topped up and a good few hours flew by!

The before, ick.

Catherine spoke about the products using on my hair, why she chose those particular ones and recommend a few for after care too. It’s so easy to go home and lose confidence of that just styled hair, but I left clued up about the best products for my tricky pastel purple colour. Catherine was honest in that it was a tricky colour and if I wanted there was always the options to head back for a brighter colour at a later date.

Once cut, washed and dried the curling began. Now I’ve always loved a curl, but never tried on myself. I’ve always been pretty useless when it comes to hair styling. For a long time, longer than I wanted, I was partial to a Mum bun even before I was a Mum. So, learning how to style with loose waves is something else to tick off.

It’s the biggest cliche ever but I did feel like a million dollars afterwards. No, not green and wrinkly but that I looked ‘done up’. It may have just been how confident I was feeling but I was sure I was getting a few head turns. Which may have been because I was bouncing about the streets of Brum like Carrie Bradshaw or because I looked good, and I felt good.

The Transformation

It’s so important to take time out of your day to day lives and make time for you. Not just mother’s but father’s, those working 9-5 days (oh how I don’t envy you but also sort of do – another blog for another time). Self care is needed for everyone and it can be so easy to forget. 

Book that hair treatment, go get your nails done and book that brow appointment. Sign it with love from you, to you. 

Paid ad with @regisuk all opinions are my own .

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