Nine Months of Lovin’

It’s bizarre to think of a life without Quinn. I know that for 28 years I had a life as Rebecca, but now it feels like I’ve been Mummy forever.

As Quinn turns nine months old I thought I’d write a post on how he is, moments he’s made me proud and just an excuse to write since it’s been so long!

My lovely friend Chloe Woodcock has built this blog for me so now I have a domain and hopefully improve my blogging capabilities (ie: messaging her whenever I’m confused…)

We have Quinn’s Health Visitor over next week so I don’t know how he’s doing officially but he’s now crawling, standing, pulling himself to stand and bossing baby led weaning.

Looking back on how I’ve changed since becoming a mother, I can only think of positives. Motherhood is everything I thought it would be but a million times better. Of course there are stresses that come with a newborn tiny squish ball that you’ve just birthed but Quinn is my sidekick, we spend everyday together. As he’s getting older he’s changing his interests, leaving me to find new ways to entertain him – often worrying he’s bored! I’m taking him to a babygroup once a week too save me being his only source of daytime interaction (as fun as I like to believe I am)

Saying that, I’m often told how happy and laid back he is (until it’s lunchtime ha!) and I love that. I guess I have always, and always will be worried about my anxiety rubbing off on him.

I don’t feel a sadness yet about Quinn turning one. I know some Mum’s have cried and wish their babies could stay babies forever but I’m honestly excited. It may be a different story on his birthday but for now I’m only excited for what the next few months bring. I have a party to plan too and no idea when too soon is or whether I should carry on and just be very, very organised.

Drop a comment below with what you did or plan to do for your little ones first birthday! I need some inspiration.

Favourite Foods

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Porridge
  • Fish
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Sausages
  • Pasta

Favourite Toys

  • Vtech Crawl & Learn Ball
  • Tiny Love Nature Stroller Toy
  • Retro Ghostbusters Plush
  • Multiple Radiators in the house

Other Favourites

  • Watching Cat in the Hat
  • Watching MiaoMiao
  • Pulling silly faces
  • Leaning in for a kiss
  • Dancing with Mummy
  • Being chased by Daddy
  • Smiling at elderly ladies

Thanks for reading, Rebecca 💕



  1. We went for a day at a farm for Rory’s first birthday as he is a summer born so it’s nice weather and we did a nice soft play for Rowan as he’s a winter baby. The soft play has little areas for things – a disco section, building yard, train area as well as the standard soft play climbing and slides. We also did a family tea party to celebrate too. I’m sure whatever you do Quinn will love it!

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