Stay at home Mum

If anyone asks I either say I’m still on maternity leave or that I’m a stay at home Mum. I was completing a form recently and the option Homemaker was there. Is that what I am? Technically yes. I make home. I raise my son. It’s a lot nicer word than unemployed but that’s what I am. I handed my notice in during maternity leave with the naivety/hope (delete as appropriate) of finding a new role before May.

What’s that, August already? Damn, that flew by. Now please don’t get me wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being unemployed and there’s nothing wrong with being a stay at home mum. I’m just in a limbo situation of wanting to work, wanting to be with my boy and teetering on dipping my toes into starting my own business. I just want to be someone my son is proud of. And you know, the money.

My dream role is working with PR/Events/Marketing. I like networking, I like sales, I like deadlines. I like being creative. Let’s face it, I like talking. But I feel like a primary school child saying they want to be a Prime Minister and the teaching giving them a pat on the back. My CV reads years of recruitment at mid-level and before that I was bossing around Birmingham’s best bars serving you tapas and 241 cocktails. However, what my CV doesn’t read (or not well enough) is that with every recruitment role I’ve had I’ve voluntarily ran social media campaigns for recruitment days I’ve organised and hosted myself, I’ve liased with clients and I’ve bought in new business. I feel because my CV doesn’t read PR Executive or Marketing and Events coordinator that I get a scoff and deleted. I’m not saying that I expect to jump in or that my experience is enough, but it’s a start. I’ve worked in recruitment, I know how brutal it is.

It doesn’t stop my passion for applying though. I had two interviews last week, rejection for one already and nothing from the other. Maybe I came across too keen? Too cocksure perhaps (never used this word in my life, must Google in case it’s a swear). Job interviews are a lot like first dates. They can go really well and then before you know you get a I’m not really looking for a relationship right now message.

Switching up, I have been applying for basic administration roles and no luck there either. These aren’t the roles I want but being unemployed can I really afford to be fussy, can I?

This blog post has no real conclusion as I’m still unemployed, still a stay at home raising my beautiful son and I’m still incredibly ambitious and full of creativity that I’m doing naff all with.

*insert shrug emoji + cry emoji*

Happy reading ✨



  1. Giuly says:

    I think you must not give up until you will get your dream job! Summer is known as not being that popular to hire people! It happened to me last year! Thought something was wrong with me, but everyone was on holiday :)) . Apply for the jobs you really want, be confident and you will get it. With your motivation it’s their loss they rejected you. Good luck!

  2. Definitely don’t give up. I have worked in PR for over ten years and have really struggled to find the right caliber of candidates in recent years, the experience you mention in your blog post needs to go on your CV and you should absolutely showcase your blog – it shows off your creativity, design and writing skills! Good luck and don’t give up.

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