‘This is nothing like One Born Every Minute’ – Birth Story Part 1

I’ve created this blog a little late to discuss my pregnancy but to summarise it was uncomfortable and gross. I somehow didn’t think that growing a baby would weigh so much on my (former) petite frame. At 5ft 1 and 8 stone my body stretched and pained and a little human made himself cosy in my womb. Mad isn’t it? I gained a whopping 4 stone! Most of that was the two chocolate bars a night, whole pack of biscuits and two lunches but hey, I was pregnant and it’d come off right? Poor naive past Rebecca.

Anyway, labor day came on 12th September at just gone midnight. I had a sense it was coming bit after a few false alarms I decided I wasn’t going to say anything out loud so not to jinx it. My plug had gone, we’d been for a long walk and my boyfriend was just massaging me when my waters broke. Wow, so. much. water. It was like a mains pipe had burst. We rang the hospital, rang our lift and off we went and off we went home just as quickly. It was my first so real labor will take days to start. Nope, Quinn was on his way. I remember having horrible pains across my back, getting regular and regular but hospital told me it’d be fine and to have a bath (which I did and vommed in, grim right?) Eventually after spewing for 5 hours we headed back in. Of course it’d be 7am and rush hour traffic and I’d be passing out in the back of the taxi because of the pain and of course I was 9cm and couldn’t have pain relief . I remember running into A&E throwing up everywhere while a bunch of strangers stared over at this mess of a woman in her boyfriends joggers, wet hair and vomit stained dressing gown. Just your standard Wednesday morning in Birmingham I guess…

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