Writer’s Block

Oh, look at that – a blog post on not being able to write a blog post, how original Bec.

See, when I blogged many moons ago I did it as and when I wanted, I didn’t have an Instagram (not even sure Instagram was a thing, and yes I am that old). I would watch something on TV that inspired me, people watch, listen to something ect but now I’m one of those Mummy Blogger types I have days where I believe I have little to no inspiration. We stay in some days and days we go out we only head to the local town for some cottage cheese or new nappies, hardly blogger of the year material!

But that’s when it hit me. There is so much inspiration around me that I’m not paying attention to. My day with Quinn, our weaning jounrey, our favourite clothes, my favourite beauty products and events I’m invited to. I’m a sort of relatable 20-something woman, people seem to like what I write (insert shrug emoji). I need to start being own biggest fan and stop critiquing.

I’ve written a piece for Emma’s Diary, which I’m hoping goes live next week, all about self confidence. Why being a Mum doesn’t mean losing your you. I’m very much an advocate for self love and I’m pretty useless at following it. Picking my Queens up while archiving photos on my Instagram because my eyebrows look weird.

I’ve made a promise to myself to blog weekly at very least. I’ve now got a wonderful website built just for me so I’m making use of it.

Keep an eye out for regular blog posts, more of me trying to be a proper blogger at last and feel free to drop suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

Rebecca x

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